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Bildungsmediathek NRW

Education Media Library NRW

the new portal for digital educational media

The Bildungsmediathek NRW enriches learning processes and supports self-directed learning even more purposefully. Your multimedia content is suitable for all learning scenarios and can be used legally, since copyright issues have been clarified in advance. The responsive design of the platform also enables access via desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

It offers a variety of helpful features that make teaching and learning easier:

  • Access for students to stream selected media

  • Easy connection to the basic IT infrastructure for schools in NRW, LOGINEO NRW, as well as integration into all common learning platforms of the municipal IT education infrastructure

  • Ability to share media and media lists with students and teachers

  • Integration of an H5P workbench for designing interactive learning materials

  • Direct download options

With just a single search, registered users can now access all relevant educational content and make the materials directly usable via digital learning platforms and learning management systems.


A large selection of freely available media, the so-called OER materials, has now been added to the range of licensed EDMOND media that has been available for years. These are often published under a CC license and can therefore be used freely without registration, which does not apply to the entire EDMOND inventory and to future new acquisitions of the media center, recognizable by the labelStream+. Users can only use these media with activated access.

The Education media library NRW enriches learning processes and supports self-directed learning even more purposefully. 
Contact us if you have any questions or need support. Our distribution staff will be happy to advise you on the selection of media for various types of content and can also put together media lists on specific topics for you.

You can also access the portal of the Brockhaus encyclopedia directly via the educational media library.

Link to the educational media library:
Bildungsmediathek NRW
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