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Media Scouts NRW

Qualification media scouts NRW

Media is everyday life. Especially for young people. Media is fun and simplifies many things. At the same time, questions and problems arise when it comes to media use: cyberbullying, violent videos in class chats, the distribution of copyrighted videos or digital games – media use by adolescents, even in its problematic forms, does not stop at school.

In order to recognize not only the opportunities but also the risks of media offers and to be able to use them in a self-determined, critical and creative way, support, qualification and media competence are required. The approach of "peer education" is particularly helpful here: on the one hand, young people prefer to learn from their peers and, on the other hand, they can educate their peers in a way that is appropriate for the target group due to similar media usage behavior.

In recent years, the State Institute for Media North Rhine-Westphalia has carried out the “Media Scouts NRW” project together with municipalities throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, as part of which secondary school students are trained to become so-called “media scouts” in the school context. Due to the positive response and great interest in participating in the project in the previous project phases, the "Media Scouts NRW" project will be continued again as part of a train-the-trainer program.

The district of Herford has been involved in the NRW state project of the state agency for media since 2021. Since then, the media center has organized and coordinated two training rounds, in which 16 secondary schools were qualified with over 100 scouts and counselors.

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The following schools were qualified in the district of Herford

Ravensberger High School
Queen Mathilde High School
Sibling Scholl secondary school
Otto Hahn secondary school

Municipal junior high school
Bertolt Brecht Comprehensive School
City High School

Realschule Enger
Widukind High School 

Weser High School
Weser Secondary School

Rainbow Comprehensive School

Olof Palme Comprehensive School


More information on qualification

The LfM NRW qualifies the trainee media scouts and their counseling teachers in five qualification workshops on the topics of internet and security, social networks, digital games, smartphones and project implementation.

Media scouts and teachers are also trained across workshops in the areas of communication training, advisory skills and social learning.

The Media Center Kreis Herford takes over the organization and coordination of the qualification. The media center also supports the participating schools with local experts and technical advice.

The Qualification

Is carried out in 5 workshop units across school types with a maximum of 10 secondary schools.


For this purpose, 4 pupils are trained as media scouts and 2 school specialists as counseling teachers at each school. Two speakers are commissioned by the LFM NRW for the qualifications. The workshops usually last 5 hours.

The development workshops
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Are designed in the 2-hour online variant or in presence for the advisory teachers and the media scouts and you can choose from various topics. 

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Information on network meetings of media scouts

After training the media scouts, the next step is: networking. To this end, all media scouts and consultants from the district are invited by the district's media center to the district headquarters twice a year to exchange views on the work at the schools. In addition, there is regular further professional input on special topics as well as in-depth new knowledge through the organization of advanced workshops.

An important building block are the two local specialists, who support sustainable implementation in the schools with their commitment and help plan and organize the network meetings.

Here in particular is the experience of Eva Lotte Heine to name as a media expert and also the networking through Marius Diekmann, employee in the district's regional school advisory service.

Team Medienscouts Eva und Marius

Local professionals media scouts

Porträt Eva-Lotte Heine
Grafik Medienscouts
Eva Lotte Heine

Media pedagogue and LfM speaker 

Porträt Marius Diekmann
Marius Diekmann

Specialist media scouts

Monday and Tuesday:+49 (0) 5221 13-2308
Wednesday and Thursday:+49 (0) 5221 13-2915


Network meeting of media scouts in the district of Herford

Pupils deal with the topic of cyberbullying

For the third time since 2021, the students qualified as media scouts met in the Herford District House to exchange information about the project at their schools.

As during the previous network meetings, Mr. Christian Meyer (Head of the Herford district media center and organizer of the Herford district media scouts project) and Ms. Eva Lotte Heine (media educator and local specialist) and Mr. Marius Diekmann (Regional school counseling and local specialist).

On May 22, the program consisted of a guest contribution and then the usual exchange. This time, the guest contribution was in the form of an input on the highly topical topic of cyberbullying, offered by Ms. Martina Buhl.

Ms. Buhl works as a system consultant for the prevention of violence and extremism for the regional school consultancy district of Herford for the schools in the district area. Here she usually works preventively with school administrations, educators and teachers on topics from the areas of violence and extremism. She clearly sees bullying as part of the field of violence. In her input, she also emphasizes that cyberbullying is an extension of bullying. “In the past, people who were being bullied went home after school and were basically left alone. But that's different today," says Ms. Buhl in her input.

After the lecture, and after a short break, there was finally an open exchange among the media scouts. The scouts were accompanied by Ms. Heine and Mr. Diekmann. Meanwhile, the accompanying specialists met in another room in order to be able to discuss their concerns with Mr. Meyer and Ms. Buhl.

The media scouts from the Ravensberger Gymnasium Herford and the Wesergymnasium Vlotho will also take part in the cyberbullying congress, which the district of Herford is organizing on June 20th, 2023 for pupils in the 6th and 7th year in the discotheque 'GoParc'. The scouts will present their work to the participating students at a "Market of Opportunities".

Media scouts and specialists from the Realschule Enger, the Olof-Palme-Gesamtschule Hiddenhausen, the Widukind-Gymnasiums Enger, the Ravensberger and Friedrichs-Gymnasiums Herford, the Geschwister-Scholl-School Herford and the Weser-Gymnasium Vlotho were represented.

The next network meeting is planned for September 2023.

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